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Our Approach

We have been writing framing insurance for contractors for decades.  We specialize in construction insurance.  We take one application and shop the insurance marketplace in your state to find you dozens of options.  Our proprietary quote engine allows us to compare pricing against all the other insurance carriers in real time.  We present several options and educate you about framing contractor insurance.  We tailor each quote for your business.  Find the insurance coverage you need at a price that won’t break the bank.  You purchase the option that suits your budget and coverage needs best.  We are easy to work with.  We can take your entire application over the phone and email you documents electronically to sign.  We accept check by fax/email and credit/debit cards.  Get your quote or coverage now by calling 800-918-3584.

Our Story

My name is Josh Cotner and I used to work in construction framing homes and installing fireplaces, faux stone, glass block, and roofing.  One day I fell through a roof.  I was hurt pretty badly and needed to go through the workers’ compensation process.  I had fallen through a roof because another contractor cut a hole in the roof for a skylight and covered it with tar paper.  They did not mark out or cut out the skylight opening.  During my recovery, I learned a lot about general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.  Thankfully I did not need to go through the legal process in order to get a proper settlement.

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We love our framing contractors.  They love us too.  We hope to save you money on your insurance.  If you would like a quote please call 800-918-3584.


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